Sotheby's Diamonds by Nicholas Lieou

At the beginning of September, Hong Kong based jeweller, Nicholas Lieou, will unveil his first capsule collection designed for Sotheby’s Diamonds, the retail boutique specialising in the world’s finest diamonds. Paying homage to the naturalistic world, the collection features rare diamonds set in breath-taking designs transforming naturalistic symbols into contemporary jewels. The stones are a testament to Sotheby’s Diamonds’ ability to source and select diamonds of extraordinary beauty and rarity.

By Sotheby's

August 31, 2020

Always approaching jewellery as an art form, Nicholas Lieou draws inspiration from all sectors of life. From architecture to design or art to nature, Lieou finds the paradox, draws out the beauty, and encapsulates it into refined, yet unorthodox designs. Drawing on nature, the seven pieces in Lieou’s collection are inspired by seed pods; eternal symbols for growth and transformation not only in flora and fauna but also for a new generation of jewellery collectors.

Lieou has captured the essence of this symbolic theme though the meticulously craftsmanship of Sotheby’s Diamonds. Like nature itself, it is the smallest, simplest details that are so poignant. From pavé-set diamonds hidden in a cocoon of larger diamonds to organic lines silhouetted by nature’s rarest coloured pink or blue diamonds, each design is a nod to the natural world in which we live in.

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Patti Wong, Founder and Chairman of Sotheby’s Diamonds, said: “I have been following Nicholas’ work for many years and I am delighted that we have finally found the time to work together. Nicholas approaches jewellery as an art form and has a unique vision – a constant and fearless desire to innovate, nurtured by a deep knowledge of the history of jewellery. He also has a great appreciation of craftsmanship and a deep understanding and respect for the materials he uses. This is the essence of Sotheby’s Diamonds and this collection is a fantastic interpretation of our aesthetic: timeless, original designs with a touch of irreverence which let the diamonds speak and enhance their natural beauty.”

Nicholas Lieou added: “For my collaboration with Sotheby’s Diamonds, I took inspiration from the beauty of nature – seed pods and flora came to mind as I wanted to encase and protect these beautifully rare stones. My aim was to design modern pieces allowing the exceptional diamonds to remain the focal point of the jewel. I was also given the chance to create highly ambitious designs, involving a lot of technical complexities, and taking months to realise. This collection is testament to both the high level of craftsmanship at Sotheby’s Diamonds, and the brand’s strong commitment to creating truly extraordinary pieces.”

Nicholas Lieou, by way of London and New York, has settled in Hong Kong. A graduate from the Royal College of Art in London, Nicholas Lieou started out as an apprentice for Shaun Leane, the avant-garde British jeweller. He thereafter lent his creative mind and vision to numerous luxury houses, including Louis Vuitton, Georg Jensen and Shanghai Tang before being appointed Director of Design for High Jewelry and Custom Design at Tiffany & Co. in 2015. In 2019, he launched his eponymous brand Mr Lieou.