On View In New York: The Fabric of Jewellery

By Sotheby's

November 02, 2019

Pursuing a series of collaborations with cutting-edge designers, Sotheby’s Diamonds unveils a new collection designed by 22-year old talent Joseph Ramsay this autumn. Capturing Sotheby’s Diamonds’ defining signature, the eight pieces marry world-class diamonds with impeccable craftmanship and highly original designs. Featuring exceptional blue, pink, yellow and white diamonds, the collection was informed by Ramsay’s fascination with Haute Couture and frequent visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York where he found inspiration in the luxurious Renaissance garments and the flowing drapery of Ancient sculpture.

Meticulous tailor, improvised engineer, Ramsay ingeniously weaved each diamond into a fabric of precious and semi-precious stones, often incorporating unexpected materials to create the perfect frame for the diamonds. The underwater world and its myths are further leitmotifs threaded within the collection which uses shades of pastel to explore the themes of transparency, reflection and fluidity of shapes. The result is jewels of great visual impact whose soft colour palette and forms add to the dynamism of the design.

Joseph Ramsay said: “Sotheby’s Diamonds has unparalleled access to the Earth’s finest diamonds and being offered the opportunity to work with such exceptional stones has been an honour. Each design was inspired by the stones themselves. I wanted the jewels not only to be strikingly beautiful, but also to be a pleasure to wear. All these pieces have a real magnetism to them – like a beautiful fabric you can’t help but touch.”

The jewels will be on view at our York Avenue galleries from 2 – 15 November 2019 and thereafter available for purchase from Sotheby’s Diamonds salons in Hong Kong, London and New York.