Behind-the-Scenes of the Sotheby’s Diamonds Shoot

By Sotheby's

May 01, 2017

For their latest campaign, Sotheby’s Diamonds worked with the New York-based photographer Erik Madigan Heck who produced a striking collection of images. The photographer has worked with publications including W and The New York Times Magazine, collaborated with fashion houses including Valentino and Gucci and recently had a well-received selling exhibition at Sotheby’s New Bond Street. Speaking about the collaboration, he said: “It was very important that the work be referential to different periods in art history and tied in quite overtly. There are three different campaigns, based on three different diamond collections. Some images are vibrant and Impressionist in style, while others focus more on classical portraiture. The jewellery was to be the main focus, so the images were developed around each of the pieces.”

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