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The D Flawless Collection

Flawless. Mesmerising. Superlative.

Sotheby’s Diamonds pays homage to the pinnacle of perfection in this collection showcasing extraordinary diamonds hand selected one by one.


The Inspiration

A Miracle of Nature

An abundance of carbon and finally, aeons of time, act in concert to create the raw, rough, rugged crystals that will eventually be transformed into these ravishingly rare and refined gemstones.

The Selection

Our Passionate Collectors

The unerring eye, and instinct, to select a rough stone with the charm, character and potential to become a masterpiece.

Every facet of the Flawless D Collection reflects sublime perfection: perfect colour, perfect clarity, perfect cut.

The Craftsmanship

Eye for Detail

The dignified, contemporary classic jewels are set with a series of different cuts, shapes and sizes, allowing each superlative stone to shine.

The D Flawless is the paragon of diamonds. The ultimate object of desire.