The most popular and emotive of all jewels, heavy with significance, the ring is a circle, with no beginning or end; the universal symbol of eternity and eternal love. A gesture of light and movement, intriguing contemporary designs re-invent the classic diamond ring, a daily shining companion.


The most popular of jewels, earrings are irresistible; they bring light and luminosity, vivacity and expression to the face, to the eyes, to the complexion. They are the ultimate in femininity and glamour, allowing the wearer to create her own individual style.


Whether a chain or bangle, slender or wide, the bracelet draws attention to the wrist, the most feminine of body parts. Paired or layered, separate or mixed, bracelets are a mark of individual style; women can change the combination of bracelets according to their mood, clothes, occasions.


Wearable, fluid and flexible, trailing light around the neck, necklaces follow the movements of the body illuminating the face and complexion. The centrepiece of a set, worn long and loose, casually opulent, a sautoir, necklaces are sensual and meaningful.


The brooch allows the most freedom of expression. One of the earliest forms of jewellery, it has powerful associations with royalty and nobility. Today, the brooch is made modern by being worn in different ways, in groups of clusters, for individuality, on the belt, at the waist, on the shoulder, in the hair.