Sotheby’s Diamonds Unveils 100 carats of Flawless perfection.

The rarest white diamond ever to come to market, this 102.34 carat diamond is the only known round brilliant-cut weighing over 100 carats with perfect colour, clarity and cut.

February 2018, London

Erik Madigan Heck: Beauty Seeker

By Mariko Finch

Published May 31, 2017

Rocking Wimbledon

A History of the Tennis Bracelet

By Ashley Flight

Published July 01, 2017

The White Baaz are the New Beacons of Style

Inspired by Truman Capote’s famed swans – an exclusive group of influential society ladies – Sotheby’s has identified a few glamorous contemporary jet-setters called the White Baaz, as James Reginato reports.

By James Reginato

Published May 22, 2017