Inspiration and Innovation

Our Beginnings

Drawing on its unrivaled expertise and experience in jewellery, its legacy of trust and tradition, and its connections and connoisseurship, Sotheby’s has launched an entirely new contemporary collection of modern masterpieces: Sotheby’s Diamonds.

Poetry and Precision

Tomorrow's Classics

Sotheby’s Diamonds has developed a powerful, graphic, modernist aesthetic: linear, architectural, contemporary but with poetry, fluidity and sensuality. The focus is on perfect proportions, a seamless integration of concept, line, form and material, on a subtle play of texture and translucencies. In every intensely individual design, the diamond is always at the heart of the composition, its light and life the soul of the jewel.

A Meeting of Mines and Minds

A Partnership

For this venture, Sotheby’s formed a partnership with Diacore. Renowned within the industry, their artisan cutters understand the centuries-old secrets held within a diamond, and know just how to unleash the beauty, inner light, life and brilliance of each individual stone.

One of the most respected and experienced jewellery specialists, Patti Wong, Chairman of Sotheby’s Diamonds, draws on her knowledge and intuition to select the stones that are always the starting point for a Sotheby’s Diamond jewel.

Design and Craftsmanship

Perfect Synergy

The creative process begins with a hand-drawn sketch, an idea and a vision which is then refined, honed and immaculately hand-painted as a detailed gouache.

It is through the gouache that the designer fully engages with the concept, taking the time to perfect proportions, volumes, details, to present the jewel and the design in its purest form.

Extraordinary Diamonds

Transparency & Trust

At Sotheby’s Diamonds, the diamond itself is the muse, theme and inspiration, an endless story. Each jewel starts with the stone, each concept and design revolves around a particular diamond, which becomes its central theme, its hero and shining light.


The exceptional lightness of settings and slender silhouettes, often in unexpected materials like steel, are made possible by the latest technological innovations.

Commitment to Ethical Sourcing

Transparency & Trust

Sotheby’s, an SEC listed company, is required to conduct enquiries into its supply chain and strongly supports greater assurances that all material used in our jewellery are responsibly sourced. We certify that the diamonds sourced for Sotheby’s Diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.